If you are looking for a one-stop IT solution & services, we are the consultants with the expertise.  We will help you to :

⇒  simplify your IT processes

⇒  propose appropriate IT solutions

⇒  provide quality IT services and support

⇒  offer fair pricing

⇒  save time and cost

Why Choose ALKA ?


ALKA collaborates with a group of IT consultants and professionals.  Most of us have been working in IT industry for more than 30 years.


With our knowledge and experience, we are confident in providing quality IT consultancy and proposing the most appropriate solution at an affordable price.


why choose us


Up-to-date Technology

We constantly review new IT products/brands and make a recommendation for relevant acquisition and implementation.
We focus primarily on value and quality IT services

Cost Saving

We want our customers to minimize their IT investment cost without compromising their security.

We do this by simplifying IT solutions which lead to cost saving.

We also minimize our business direct cost in order to make our pricing affordable.

We want you to be our next satisfied customer.

satisfied customer