Xgimi Z4 Air Projector

Xgimi Z4 Air Projector

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Xgimi Z4 Air Projector


z4air front


The new Z4 Air projector is the first co-branded projector from SobieTech and Xgimi. It is super slim, appealing and powerful.

Super Slim Aluminium Body – Thinner and Lighter

23.5 mm thick and weigh only 650g, Z4 Air is 40% thinner and 30% lighter than the last generation product. It is slim and portal enough to fit into your purse or briefcase during your next business trip.

Z4 Air’s aluminium body has undergone multiple stages of CNC machining, anodizing, polishing, brushing and sandblasting to bring you a slim projector with silky, soft-touch finish.


Display Technology0.3” DMD Chip DLP® Technology by Texas Instruments with RGB 3 LED System
Projector TypeFull 3D LED Projector
Acoustic Noise<30dB
Power Consumption30-45W (17-27W in Battery Mode)
AC Power SupplyAC 100-240V, 1.2 A, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Built-In Battery13600mAh Li-ion battery
Dimensions (W x H x D)113.5 X 214 X 23.5 mm
Weight (kg)0.65
Speaker4W stereo (2x2W) Audio
Brightness11000 Lumens LED Brightness*
Lens TypeF=185mm Manual Lens
Lamp TypeOSRAM LED Projector Lamp
Lamp Life>30,000 hours LED Life (hrs)
Brightness Uniformity0.98
Color Gamut>=120%
ContrastDynamic 5,000:1
Native ResolutionWXGA 1280 x 720
Maximum Resolution1080P/2K
Displayable Colours1.07 Billion Colors (30-bit)
Throw Ratio1.2:1

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Engenius EWS360AP 11ac Managed Indoor Access Point (3×3 Dual-Band)

Engenius EWS360AP 11ac Managed Indoor Access Point (3×3 Dual-Band)

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Engenius EWS360AP 11ac Managed Indoor Access Point (3 x 3 Dual Band)


EWS360AP top

Neutron Series Indoor Managed Access Points
High Performance Reliability

EnGenius’ Neutron Series line of Managed Indoor Access Points provides wireless connectivity that’s flexible, scalable and reliable for a broad range of indoor applications.

Whether you are looking to connect a luxury home or office or need to provide ultra-fast Wi-Fi access to a large resort or campus, Neutron EWS Access Points meet the high-bandwidth requirements of today’s mobile users.

No matter what size network you need to support, Neutron EWS Access Points are flexible enough to meet your needs. Start small and grow or go big. Deploy and manage a few or 1,000+ APs on an unlimited number of networks distributed across various locations—regardless of their size and infrastructures.  Neutron Series easily scales with your networking needs.

Flexibility in Deployment

Neutron’s versatile line of high-performance, managed, indoor ceiling- and wall-mount access points range from single-band 11n models to high-capacity 4×4 dual-band 11ac Wave 2 versions. Wallplate models serve as all-in-one communication “hubs” for in-room wireless connectivity. Configure APs individually as stand-alone units, locally manage up to 50 per Neutron Switch or use ezMaster software to control 1,000+ APs.

Ultra-Fast 11ac Wave 2 Speeds

EnGenius’ 11ac Wave 2 Access Points deliver the highest available speeds for Wi-Fi devices reaching 2.5 Gbps. Beamforming technology focuses signals directly to client devices, providing optimal, reliable reception even in densely crowded environments. Four spatial streams and dual-concurrent MU-MIMO radio operation sends beams to multiple users simultaneously, creating increased network capacity.

EWS360AP side

EWS360AP back

Engenius Mesh Dot 802.11ac Wave 2 Dual-Band Mesh Access Point

Engenius Mesh Dot 802.11ac Wave 2 Dual-Band Mesh Access Point

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Engenius EMD1 Home WiFi System Mesh Dot


Mesh Dot Front

Engenius EMD1 – The Smallest AC1300 Mesh Access Point

EnGenius Mesh Dot (EMD1) is designed with a smaller size, but provides highly AC1300 performance combine with power plug. EMD1 also be built-in EnMesh™ wireless link technology to extend Wi-Fi ranges throughout your entire home or small office all the time.

Plug and Play Wi-Fi System

EnGenius Mesh Dot provides more flexible to create EnGenius Mesh Wi-Fi system.  Users will be easy to deploy ever where they resolve spotty Wi-Fi signal just by plug and play.

Work Together for Full Coverage

EMD1 works with EnGenius Mesh Router as a Mesh Network by auto-detecting the best connection and extending wireless ranges to provide full coverage for the whole home without any configuration needed.

Full Control of Your Networks at Your Fingertip

By EnMesh™ App, setting up and managing your Wi-Fi system can be so easy to give you total control and insight of entire wireless network in your finger.

EnMesh Features:

– Easy Setup via EnMesh App
– deployment distance measurement
– Internet Speed Test
– Firmware Upgrade at a glance
– Parental Control/ Web Filter
– Monitor Wi-Fi Connection Quality
– Node to Master Throughput Test

Meshdot Side

Mesh Dot Ethernet

Engenius EMR5000 AC2200 Tri-Band Wave 2 Wireless Mesh Router

Engenius EMR5000 AC2200 Tri-Band Wave 2 Wireless Mesh Router

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Engenius EMR5000 AC2200 Tri-band Wave 2 Wireless Mesh Router


EMR5000 Front

Stable, High Performance Full Strength Wifi

AC2200 High Performance Mesh Router
EnGenius EMR5000 comes with Tri– band radios and high performance AC2200 to maximize the Internet speeds in your home.  The new arrival router which is designed to provide a dedicate radio for Mesh backhaul and dual radios for multiple devices to deliver 100% full-strength Wi-Fi signal in a Mesh Network.

Serve More Clients, More Efficiently
EMR5000 support multiple spatial streams to be allocated to different clients simultaneously (MU-MIMO). Also focus on identifying radio signal to transmit to a particular user more efficiently.

Works Together for Full Coverage
EMR5000 is built-in EnMesh™ wireless link technology, which works with EMD/EMR Series as a Mesh Network. Otherwise, EMR5000 comes with 360° high performance antenna to extend Wi-Fi coverage at entire home.

Seamless Connectivity From Room to Room
EMR5000 also provides fast roaming, which enables to keep seamless connectivity when moving from room to room along with using voice App or downloading large files.

emr5000 triband

emr5000 back

Engenius EMR5000 AC2200 Tri-Band Wave 2 Wireless Mesh Router

Engenius EMR3500 Dual Band Wave 2 AC1300 Wireless Mesh Router

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Engenius EMR3500 AC1300 Dual Band Mesh Router


enmesh router front

Engenius EMR3500 Dual Band AC1300 Wave 2 Wireless Mesh Router

Cutting-edge 802.11ac mesh router for high performance in dense, high-demand network environments.

The EnGenius AC1300 Mesh Router EMR3500 is the latest concept in dual-band, dual-concurrent wireless mesh routing.  The EMR3500 is easily managed with simplified configuration, deployment, and recovery capabilities.   Just plug your first EMR3500 into your cable or DSL modem and connect to your network with the EnMesh mobile application.  Adding additional EMR3500 access points is easy – just connect to a wall outlet, and the access points will auto-connect to your existing network. Enjoy whole-home Wi-Fi coverage in no time.


> IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Dual-Band & Dual Concurrent

> Supports up to 867 Mbps on the 5GHz frequency band/400Mbps on 2.4GHz frequency band

> Easy deploy system with simple configuration via mobile app

> Built-in 360-degree high performance antenna for whole home wireless coverage

> Guest network provides Internet connection with restricted access

> Parental controls for scheduling access times for the Internet and blocking sites

> Auto-update firmware keeps your device up to date to benefit from the latest service and security enhancements

> Simple to setup, easy to manage

> EnMesh mobile APP for easy setup installation

> EnFile mobile application for easy file storage on the cloud

Enmesh Router Top

enmesh router back

Engenius EMR3000 AC1200 Mesh Router

Engenius EMR3000 AC1200 Mesh Router

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Engenius Mesh Router EMR3000


Enmesh Router Top

Dual Band AC-1200
High Performance Wireless Mesh Router

The edge 802.11ac built-in high performance
Mesh Router with Mesh technology for highdensity use on multiple applications.

EnGenius AC1200 Mesh Router EMR3000 is a new concept of Dual Band Dual Concurrent Wireless Mesh router. It can be
easily deployed and maintained with simple configuration deployment and recovery capacity.  It does not need complicated settings.  Just plug your first EMR3000 into your cable or DSL modem, simply establish Mesh network from your mobile phone APP via few steps. Additional EMR3000 just need power on from the wall outlet and it will auto connect to existing EMR3000 Mesh network, that’s all.  Enjoy your whole home Wi-Fi network coverage in a minute!!

Whole home Wi-Fi coverage with consistent performance. 

What is the best choice if a single router WiFi signal cannot cover your entire home?  EMR3000 is an ideal solution for your home network environment.  It can extend signal range from an internal high performance Wi-Fi module, the high-gain antenna arrays reduce the numbers of mesh node deployment typicality requirement.  No more Wi-Fi dead spots in your home with EnGenius.

AC technology with High Performance Wi-Fi

EMR3000 is a Dual Band Dual Concurrent Wireless Mesh router with the latest 11AC technology.  The total wireless speed is up to 1.2Gbps. It is two times faster than 802.11n technology.  The upgraded throughput will bring you the smoothly wireless with lag free and flexible.  Easy set-up, use, plug and play Mesh Network.
With EnMesh APP, it fully set up, deploy, and use by mobile device without complicating installation procedure. EnMesh
provides a easiest way to construct Mesh Network is using EnMesh APP to smart connect all Mesh devices instantly when
they were powered up. Therefore, it also provides Internet speed and easy configuration to do Mesh Network

No worry about Wi-Fi problems 

If there is a Wi-Fi problem, ever one of the EMR3000 fails by the power outage; other EMR3000 will find an alternative present and fixes the Wi-Fi connection by itself. EMR3000 Wireless Mesh system allows for multiple nodes with minimal signal loss and can connect up to 8 nodes of EMR3000 Mesh Router system. it’s an ideal home Wi-Fi solution with users can simply have whole home Wi-Fi internet access.

enmesh router front 

enmesh router back