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Engenius EMD1 Home WiFi System Mesh Dot


Mesh Dot Front

Engenius EMD1 – The Smallest AC1300 Mesh Access Point

EnGenius Mesh Dot (EMD1) is designed with a smaller size, but provides highly AC1300 performance combine with power plug. EMD1 also be built-in EnMesh™ wireless link technology to extend Wi-Fi ranges throughout your entire home or small office all the time.

Plug and Play Wi-Fi System

EnGenius Mesh Dot provides more flexible to create EnGenius Mesh Wi-Fi system.  Users will be easy to deploy ever where they resolve spotty Wi-Fi signal just by plug and play.

Work Together for Full Coverage

EMD1 works with EnGenius Mesh Router as a Mesh Network by auto-detecting the best connection and extending wireless ranges to provide full coverage for the whole home without any configuration needed.

Full Control of Your Networks at Your Fingertip

By EnMesh™ App, setting up and managing your Wi-Fi system can be so easy to give you total control and insight of entire wireless network in your finger.

EnMesh Features:

– Easy Setup via EnMesh App
– deployment distance measurement
– Internet Speed Test
– Firmware Upgrade at a glance
– Parental Control/ Web Filter
– Monitor Wi-Fi Connection Quality
– Node to Master Throughput Test

Meshdot Side

Mesh Dot Ethernet