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Engenius EMR5000 AC2200 Tri-band Wave 2 Wireless Mesh Router


EMR5000 Front

Stable, High Performance Full Strength Wifi

AC2200 High Performance Mesh Router
EnGenius EMR5000 comes with Tri– band radios and high performance AC2200 to maximize the Internet speeds in your home.  The new arrival router which is designed to provide a dedicate radio for Mesh backhaul and dual radios for multiple devices to deliver 100% full-strength Wi-Fi signal in a Mesh Network.

Serve More Clients, More Efficiently
EMR5000 support multiple spatial streams to be allocated to different clients simultaneously (MU-MIMO). Also focus on identifying radio signal to transmit to a particular user more efficiently.

Works Together for Full Coverage
EMR5000 is built-in EnMesh™ wireless link technology, which works with EMD/EMR Series as a Mesh Network. Otherwise, EMR5000 comes with 360° high performance antenna to extend Wi-Fi coverage at entire home.

Seamless Connectivity From Room to Room
EMR5000 also provides fast roaming, which enables to keep seamless connectivity when moving from room to room along with using voice App or downloading large files.

emr5000 triband

emr5000 back