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Engenius EWS1025cam wireless AP with camera


Engenius EWS1025cam

EnGenius wireless 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual band Access point with IP camera can solve significant security challenges at voice and data applications.

EnGenius indoor Mesh Access point camera is a new concept of dual band concurrent, high power, high sensitivity and strong reliablility for enterprise solutions. Easy setup and installation for combination of two products – Access point and IP camera, one PoE or DC power solve the power input, and single UI interface for all configurations.

To integrate the hotspot service and surveillance, EWS1025CAM not only wireless mesh access point extends wireless access over large, metro scale areas, eliminates costly Ethernet cabling to every Wi-Fi access point, but also provides high resolution video streaming for security. It can be easily deployed and maintained with no configuration deployment and recovery capacity.

Extended signal range from high-gain antenna arrays reduce the number of mesh nodes typically required. The EWS1025CAM is a component of the EWS Neutron Series Switches, delivering a robust wireless network with maximum capacity and uptime, the wireless mesh can be seamlessly deployed as an extension of wired and wireless networks, with central management through controllers.

No IT experts required for installation, system automatically determines the optimal network topology and maintains the best connections between mesh nodes. The centralize functions of the wireless LAN to provide scalable management, advanced security, seamless mobility, and proven reliability.

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