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Engenius EWS357AP 802.11ax 2×2 Managed Wireless Indoor Access Point


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Engenius EWS357AP  

802.11ax 2×2 Managed Wireless Indoor Access Point

Greater capacities. Stronger connections. Reliable management options.

Product Highlight

EnGenius Neutron EWS357AP 802.11ax 2×2 Managed Indoor Wireless Access Point features 802.11ax technology, which deepens and expands the capabilities of Wi-Fi and utilizes EnGenius enterprise-level management and AP features. The sleek, low-profile AP is loaded with new hardware components to run more efficiently and consume less power for maximum theoretical speeds of 574 Mbps (2.4 GHz frequency) and 1,200 Mbps (5 GHz frequency). To give your network elevated security,  WPA2-AES make connecting client and IoT devices more secure and easier.

  • Dual concurrent 802.11ax architecture & backward-compatible with 11ac/a/b/g/n client devices
  • WPA2-AES authentication support
  • 3 dBi integrated 2×2 antenna
  • Supports up to 1,200 Mbps in 5-GHz frequency band & 574 Mbps in 2.4-GHz frequency band
  • Local and remote management over EWS management switches & ezMaster without fees
  • 1 GB 802.3at PoE port for easy placement up to 328 feet from a power source
  • Choice of AP and WDS modes to meet your management & deployment requirements
  • Support MESH


Neutron Series Indoor ManagedAccess Points

High Performance Reliability

Equipped with Qualcomm’s latest chipset, the Neutron Series AX indoor access points feature AX technology, which deepens and expands the capabilities of Wi-Fi as well as fortifies SMB networks. The new 802.11ax technology builds upon real-world deployment of 11ac. As next-generation Wi-Fi, 11ax is no longer just about speeds but also about stronger, steadier, and more efficient wireless connections.

Next-Generation Wi-Fi

The Neutron Series AX Access Points take advantage of 11ax technology, which enables more efficient channel use, reduces latency between AP and client devices, and provides ground-breaking features, such as uplink and downlink of OFDMA, Target Wake Time, uplink and downlink of MU-MIMO,
BSS Coloring, spatial reuse, and preamble updates.

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